Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Pharma AbfuellanlageUTG provides more than 20 years of expertise in the design and engineering of pharmaceutical plants and the related project management.

Engineering pharmaceutical production plants means to follow the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the regulations of the Food and Drug Association (FDA), all relevant standards and directions (DIN, ANSI, etc.), as well as specific safety concepts in the design and realisation of these plants. Beside their technical expertise, engineers and technicians have to be familiar with the relevant European and US legislation in this field, the specific terminology, the processes, the exceptional quality requirements, the approval procedures and documentation standards customary in this industry, as well as the quality assurance procedures.

Especially demanding are projects such as the rebuilding of existing plants during incessant production, installations in explosive areas or the design and installation of sterile and clean rooms and production areas which require the optimisation of the four essential criteria "cleaning possibility, sterilisability, particle freeness and corrosion resistance", the selection of suitable materials and the avoidance of dead space.

Our range of services includes
  • development and administration of plant standards
  • arrangement planning
  • piping engineering
  • documentation of project data including procurement and delivery control
  • project co-ordination
  • preparation of time-schedules
  • preparation of inquiry documents, processing of inquiries, bid comparisons
  • plant qualification release of engineering documents
  • erection/installation supervision and co-ordination
  • progress control
  • start-up assistance
  • cost control
  • equipment documentation
  • as-built documentation (diagrams, lists, drawings)
  • qualification/validation documentation
selection of plant types from our reference list
  • 6-APA-processing
  • waste water sterilisation
  • preparation area
  • processing plant
  • chemicals plant
  • chemicals preparation
  • chemical dosing station
  • chemical storage
  • CIP-plants
  • CS-downstream plant
  • steam and condensate system
  • distillation
  • enzymes plant
  • multi purpose synthesis
  • fermentation plant
  • laboratory test plants
  • waste air system
  • main pipe bridge systems
  • crystallisation
  • optimum gassed bioreactor
  • plasma laboratory
  • prism-buffer
  • production of sterile penicillin mixtures
  • ultrapure water loops
  • piping systems
  • sterile precipitation
  • synthesis
  • ultrafiltration
  • reverse osmosis
  • trial fermentation
  • cell culture fermentation



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Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Food, Drinks and Tobacco Industries

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